Broadmax Networks Support is Boosting Small Business Growth with Managed IT Services, Data Cabling, and Security

BroadMAX Networks in Miami, Florida understands the critical role that technology service providers play in the survival and growth of small businesses. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses managed IT, cabling, and commercial security solutions tailored specifically for small businesses in the Miami area.

In today’s digital landscape, a strong online presence is paramount for business success. Yet, many small businesses lack the necessary infrastructure to establish themselves effectively online. Studies show that despite their prevalence, 1 in 3 small businesses in Florida still do not have a website.

Moreover, network issues stemming from poor data or voice cabling can significantly hinder business operations. Approximately 70% of network issues faced by small businesses are attributed to subpar cabling infrastructure.

managed it services

At BroadMAX Networks, we recognize these challenges and offer turnkey solutions to address them. Our services not only enhance brand awareness and communication but also ensure efficient and secure office environments.

With our expertise in managed IT, we provide businesses with the technology infrastructure and support they need to thrive in today’s competitive market. Our cabling solutions guarantee reliable connectivity, while our commercial security offerings deliver peace of mind through robust access control systems.

Through this article, we aim to highlight the various services we offer and how they benefit small businesses in the Miami area. At BroadMAX Networks, we are committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

65% of small businesses can make more profits than their investments.
This is possible by choosing the right technology partners that address diverse needs.
BroadMAX Networks Support delivers Managed IT, structured cabling, and physical security services to Miami in the South Florida area.
BroadMAX Networks Support is divided into its sister companies, each focused on delivering a specific solution to Miami and Fort Lauderdale organizations.
To streamline technology services,
IT in Miami provides managed IT Solutions
Cabling in Miami provides structured Cabling Services
Security in Miami provides physical security for commercial buildings.
BroadMAX Networks Support is the best choice for small businesses due to its turnkey approach.
Other contractors may not handle all services at once. In this case, the small business needs to hire multiple service providers for different needs like cabling and security cameras.
However, BroadMAX Networks Support is a one-stop shop for all managed IT support services.
IT in Miami: Expert Managed IT Services for Small and Mid-size Companies

8 out of 10 small businesses have 0 or less than 5 employees.
A majority of small businesses do not possess the resources to employ an onsite IT Technician.
Managed IT service providers resolve this issue. They’re more cost-effective than an internal team.
IT services are a desperate need. Thus, IT in Miami provides managed IT services for businesses in Miami.
The Most Essential Managed IT Support Services

As a managed services provider, IT in Miami brings a host of managed IT services. Here is a list of the main areas in which managed IT services will improve small business applications:

Network Management

IT in Miami can set up a wired or wireless network for small businesses. In an incident illustrating the importance of network management, a business failed to send an urgent email to a lead. The internet was too slow to process the email, which made the lead choose a different business in the time that passed. A high-speed internet connection helps companies avoid this issue.


A 2024 Accenture study concluded that almost half of all small businesses are the target of cyber attacks.
However, only 14% of SMBs are prepared to deal with these attacks.
A firewall prevents this by keeping track of everyone on the business network.

Access Points

Smooth business communication leads to better processes. IT in Miami installs access points to keep the workforce connected. These reduce downtime and increase productivity. Data Recovery

Data recovery is essential in clinics or other medical small businesses. It helps them get back their patient data if it’s lost due to an error. This data is important for patient care and future treatments.

Cabling in Miami: Structured Cabling Services for Small Businesses in Miami

Cabling for businesses is predicted to grow more than 11% from now to 2030.

Cabling in Miami is one of the structured cabling companies helping small businesses access a variety of data cables. Structured cabling services will also make a company scalable and more organized. Types of Cables Available for Small Businesses

Audio and Video Cabling

Suppose the employees get together to celebrate a business achievement. They can create a video full of all the memories and events that led up to the achievement. They can display it on a TV with sound systems and A/V cabling.

Voice and Data Cabling

Copper cables make up 49.8% of all structured cabling for businesses. Voice and Data cables keep an organization connected. Fiber Optic Cables

A 2022 study predicted fiber optic cables to have the biggest market growth from 2023 to 2030.
For example, a small business may expand to cover more domains or reach a wider local audience.
They will need faster transmission speeds for a higher amount of company data than before. Thus, network cabling services for Optical Fiber are essential here.
Security in Miami: Commercial Building Security Services in the Miami Metro

Miami small businesses need extra security to keep their company assets safe. Crime is always more likely in metroplex areas. Thus, commercial security is of utmost importance for any Miami business.

Here’s a more in-depth discussion of the business security aspects and the ways in which they prevent losses.

Security Cameras Business security companies like Security in Miami install high-quality cameras in different areas of a location.

Commercial Access control systems can be further divided into door locks, readers, and timekeeping mechanisms.

Door Locks Door locks can be remotely controlled. For example, a small educational school detects that an unauthorized person has entered the building. They can immediately lock the area down and trap the intruder in a specific area. It keeps the students safe.

Readers identify every employee in a business.

Time Keeping

Time-keeping devices integrate with readers to track every person’s arrival and departure. For example, some shop workers may stay late to clean the premises after the customers are gone. A timekeeping device would measure these extra hours. This will help the business owners recognize overtime hours and arrange their systems accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Turnkey solutions are ideal for any small business looking for a complete upgrade. They help Miami businesses improve their performance, security, communication, and future growth. The holistic approach ensures businesses get the most out of their investments, thereby maximizing profits and reducing complications. Emerging business owners can choose these services for future benefits.

Small businesses are vital contributors to economic growth, but they face unique challenges, especially in today’s technology-driven world. BroadMAX Networks Support, along with its sister companies, offers a comprehensive suite of services to address these challenges and support the growth of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) in the Miami area.

At BroadMAX Networks Support, we understand that SMBs require diverse solutions to thrive in the competitive market. That’s why we provide managed IT services, structured cabling, and physical security solutions tailored specifically for SMBs in Miami and Fort Lauderlade.

Our turnkey approach streamlines technology services, ensuring that SMBs have access to all the essential solutions they need without the hassle of managing multiple service providers. From managed IT support to structured cabling and physical security, BroadMAX Networks Support and its sister companies offer a one-stop solution for SMBs’ technology needs.

In today’s digital landscape, managed IT services are more crucial than ever for SMBs. With our expert team at IT in Miami, SMBs can benefit from network management, firewall protection, access points installation, and data recovery services, ensuring smooth operations and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Structured cabling is another essential component of SMBs’ technology infrastructure. Cabling in Miami provides a range of structured cabling services, including audio and video cabling, voice and data cabling, and fiber optic cabling, ensuring reliable connectivity and scalability for SMBs.

Additionally, physical security is paramount for SMBs to protect their assets and employees. Security in Miami offers commercial building security services, including security camera installation, access control systems, and door locks, enhancing safety and preventing losses for SMBs in the Miami metro.

The turnkey solutions from BroadMAX Networks Support and its sister companies empower SMBs to improve their performance, security, and communication, paving the way for future growth and success. With our holistic approach, SMBs can maximize their investments, minimize complications, and achieve their business goals with confidence.

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